Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
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The international Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine

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Highlights: CSW no.2, vol.7, 2016

Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial and Introduction

Since 2010, 20 issues of the journal "Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention – CSWHI" with more than one hundred and fifty professional articles were printed. After some time, it is appropriate to subject every activity to evaluation. Because of that, we decided to perform a specific analysis of the journal and its articles. We would like to mention at least the quantitative content targeting of already published articles. Of course most, 40%, were devoted to topics of Clinic Social Work. Followed by medical topics Humanitary Intervention Health and Tropical Medicine in roughly a third of the contribution. Approximately 10% of articles are devoted to the topic of Nursing. Similarly, 10% of contributions are devoted to topics of Education and Tuition. The rest of posts are devoted to topics such as Missionary Work, Ethic, Justice, Policy and other areas that are in the focus of the magazine. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to clearly break down the content of the articles into one of these areas. Especially since Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention are subjects that requires approaches and solutions from several fields of the human, social and physical sciences and their application to social practice.

    This edition of "Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention" No. 2, Vol. 7, 2016 is specifically dedicated to health related areas of Medicine and Nursing. 13 scientific articles were chosen. In the field of medicine two articles are devoted to spa treatment and how it is related to the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the epidemiology of tuberculosis. In the area of health and medicine there is an article on patient safety assessment in the US and Slovak hospitals. It is a very interesting article created by a comparative method. It points out the most important parameters and characteristics of patient safety evaluation in hospital care in the US and SK.

    In the conclusion the causes of adverse events and medical errors are defined as well as there are outlined preventive strategies to ensure patient safety in hospitals. Interesting are also other medical articles, like for example the article Cultural and bioethical considerations organ transplantation in Central Europe. Although the article about homeopathy is quite short, it touches the most relevant topics that are also currently debated in complementary and alternative medicine. It states that homeopathy looks at preventing and curing illnesses by focusing on multiple aspects of the patient, that is, how mental, physical or emotional aspects of an individual are interconnected to maintain health. The article concludes by stating the limitations of this method of treatment and risks involved with homeopathic remedies. It is recommended to continue clinical research until the effectiveness of many of its remedies can be proved.

    Approximately half of the articles in this issue of CSWHI are dedicated to Nursing. Especially with always actual themes such as: Mobbing by Nurses, Management of diabetic individuals, Assessment of thromboembolic disease in the context of evidence-based nursing and Stress in the Work of Nurses. Analysis of psychometric features is also an important area for practical gerontological nursing, as well as for nursing research. The health special edition issue properly shows the extent of interconnectivity of health, clinical social work and health intervention.

Prof. Dr. Vlastimil Kozoň
Allgemeines Krankenhaus – Medizinischer Universitätscampus, Vienna

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