Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention

Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention
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Journal 1/2014, Vol. 5

The level of patient satisfaction with outpatient chemotherapy administration Risk of recurrency in patients with complication of hypertension and cardiovascular risk of their realatives Time trend in tumor disease incidence in children and adolescents in the Czech Republic The Social exclusion of Romanies and the strategies for coping with this problem Indistinct identity of social work as a barrier of good practice (Situation in Czech Republic) The spiritual and moral foundation of social work Monitoring of the level of satisfaction […]

Journal 2/2013, Vol. 4

Social Reform in Marginalized Roma Communities The Issue of Kidney Donation and Transplantation Cross Cultural Marriages in Kenya Work of Nurses in Hospital and Hospice Suffering of Patients in Hospital and Hospice University Graduates in the Labor Market Social Thesis in Alcohol Addiction Approaches of a Municipality to Socially Exluded Localities Perception of Family and Family Policy The Issue of Victims of Human Trafficking The Social Services in Czech Republic

Journal 1/2013, Vol. 4

Research of common smoking triggers and inhibitors; Support for employment of momeless people in conditions of the Slovak Republic; Communication with the family of adolescent from the socio – educational perspective; Social policy in the labour market of young people in Slovakia; etc…

Journal 4/2012, Vol. 3

Current Palliative and Hospice Care in Slovakia; The Principle of Justice to the Proceedings; Youth Unemployment as a Social Problem; Video Training Use in Teaching Communication Skills; The State Family Policy of the Slovak Republic; The Aims of Public Healthcare System in “Health in Century” Progamr – how to Create a Healthy Lifestyle; Anonymous and Secret Childbirths; Role of the Contemporary Father; Protection against Legalization and Terrorist financing; Amendments to the Act on Social Services; International Congress on […]

Journal 3/2012, Vol. 3

Criminal and other antisocial activities committed on the premises of schools, school facilities and institutions focused on executing the actions of socio-legal protection of minors and social guardianship; A Survey of level of satisfaction of relatives with nursing and social care in a social services home in the Slovak Republic; Nursing home care in Slovakia; Nursing management partnership; Men as victims of domestic voilence in Trencin Self-govering region; Towards the social and legal protection of forest children in Rwanda; Comparison […]

Journal 2/2012, Vol. 3

Migration and asylum policy in the Slovak Republic; Using the Dramatherapeutic techniquest during the work with mental handicapped people; The relationship of the average monthly wage in Slovak Republic and the minimum wage and theirs development; World economic crisis and ist influence on unemployment in Slovak Republic; The status of material poverty; Bildung und soziale varhalten der schuler; Malaria; The response of pregnant women attending service on hiv screen: A case study from mukuru slum; Advances in HIV/AIDS Therapy, prevention […]

Journal 1/2012, Vol. 3

Ethical aspect of social work with elderly people; Social work and other selected scientific disciplines; Long term care for the elderly in spectrum of social work, law and nursing; Prevention and reduction of occurrence of falls; Nutrition disorders of patients hospitalised in healthcare facilities; Educational program for Roma assistants; Specifics of social work with persons with hearing impairments; Values and value system of young man in contemporary society; Social worker in multidisiplinary professional team taking care of oncology patient;

Journal 6/2011, Vol. 2

Styles of bringing up in families and children with antisocial Behaviour; Actual trends in social justice (ethical aspect); The (Dis)Advantages of Arbitration and Consumer Loans; The strategic aspects of corporate social responsibility from the perspective of social integration of individuals; Juveniles and criminality in the Czech Republic; Systems of Social Control and Law as an Important Instrument of Social Control in Contemporary Postmodern Society; The influence of the family environment on socialization of the individual; The Welfare State versus Competitiveness; […]

Journal 5/2011, Vol. 2

Abstracts of the 3-RD Conference on Current Issues in Social Work, Vienna 22-30.6.2011;

Journal 4/2011, Vol. 2

Infectious dseases abd eartquakes, experience from Haiti; Management of Law back pain in Lybian Health Centre; Tuberculosis Care and control in refugee and displaced Rwandan populations; Laboratory Surveillance of common diseases at Kenyan St.Raphael Clinic within 4 years; Epidemiological study of HIV/AIDS Infection in rural area of Burundi – Rutovu Model of Decentralized HIV/AIDS Care; New vectors of old diseases: Lessons from Medical Entomology – Review Article; News in AIDS: Social Work with HIV Management and Prevention; Severe Malaria: Pathogenesis […]